Historical Events for 20th October 2018

1910 – 1st appearance of cork centered baseball in World Series
1921 – Germany and Allies comes to an agreements over reparation payments in a meeting at Wiensbaden
1924 – 1st Negro League World Series: KC Monarchs shuts out Hilldales, 5-0
1944 – US 1st army wins battle of Aachen
1968 – American Dick Fosbury using his unconventional technique wins the men’s high jump gold medal with 2.24m at the Mexico City Olympics; “Fosbury Flop” becomes accepted most efficient technique
1968 – Mamo Wolde wins 16th Olympic marathon (2:20:26.4)
1971 – The Nepal stock exchange collapses.
1982 – Billy Martin fired as manager of Oakland A’s
1988 – Reggie Rogers, Det Lion’s # 1 pick, kills 3 by driving intoxicated
1991 – Formal opening ceremony of Intl One Mind Zen center in Crestone, Colo

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