Historical Events for 22nd March 2019

1829 – The three protecting powers (Britain, France and Russia) establish the borders of Greece.
1874 – Young Men’s Hebrew Association organizes in NYC
1917 – The USA is the first nation to recognize the new government of Russia
1944 – 600+ 8th Air Force bombers attack Berlin
1958 – Under pressure King Saud appoints Faisal Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia
1971 – Brian Faulkner becomes the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland
1972 – In Eisenstadt v. Baird the US Supreme Court rules unmarried people have same right to contraception as married people.
1982 – 3rd Space Shuttle Mission-Columbia 3 launched
1986 – Ehrig skates ladies world record 5 km (7:20.99)
2011 – Lawrence Taylor pleads guilty for misdemeanors of sexual misconduct and is sentenced to six years probation

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