Historical Events for 23rd December 2018

1793 – Thomas Jefferson warned of slave revolts in West Indies
1909 – Albert I becomes the third King of the Belgians
1914 – World War I: Australian and New Zealand troops arrive in Cairo, Egypt.
1941 – American forces on Wake Island surrender to Japanese
1942 – Allies air attack on Den Helder
1952 – Alain Bombard arrives in Barbados after 65 days at sea proving his theory that a shipwrecked person could survive with almost no provisions, despite having lost 25 kg (65 lbs) in weight
1961 – Train accident in Italy, 70 die
1963 – Fire on Greek ship Laconia, 128 die
1970 – NYC World Trade Center reaches highest point (411 m)
1997 – Terry Nichols found guilty of manslaughter in Oklahoma bombing

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