Historical Events for 26th October 2018

1529 – Sir Thomas More appointed Lord Chancellor of England
1863 – Football Association forms in England, standardizing soccer, splitting with rugby
1919 – B C Hilliam’s musical “Buddies” premieres in NYC
1922 – Gertrude Bell appointed Honorary Director of Antiquities in new Department of Antiquities in Baghdad, Iraq (origin of the Baghdad Archaeological Museum)
1955 – British troops occupy Saudi Arabian oil field at Boeraimi
1968 – First European satellite launched, Esro 1, at Cape Kennedy
1977 – US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1987 – Dow Jones down 156.83 points
1992 – The Charlottetown Accord fails to win majority support in a Canada wide referendum.
2002 – Moscow Theatre Siege ends: Approximately 50 Chechen rebels and 150 hostages die when Russian Spetsnaz storm a theater building in Moscow, which had been occupied by the rebels during a musical performance three days before

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