Historical Events for 29th November 2019

1573 – Don Luis de Requesensy Zuniga succeeds duke of Alva as land guardian of Netherlands
1877 – US inventor Thomas Edison demonstrates his hand-cranked phonograph for the first time
1961 – Following the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion CIA Director Allen Dulles resigns and is replaced by John McCone
1962 – Great Britain and France decide to jointly build the Concorde supersonic airliner
1965 – Dale Cummings does 14,118 consecutive sit-ups
1967 – Robert McNamara elected president of World bank
1969 – The Beatles’ “Come Together/Something” reaches #1
1997 – OPEC agrees to an increase in its production ceiling. OPEC has raised the ceiling to 27.5 million barrels per day for the first half of 1998
2001 – UN Security Council unanimously approves a resolution extending the Oil-for-Food program in Iraq for another six-month period
2018 – Tens of thousands Indian farmers protest the agrarian crisis at parliament in Delhi

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