Historical Events for 8th May 2019

1624 – Hungarian King Bethlen Gabor and Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II sign Treaty of Vienna
1784 – Only known deaths by hailstones in US (Winnsborough, South Carolina)
1885 – Sarah Ann Henley survives 76-m jump from Clifton Bridge in Bristol, England
1902 – Mount PelĂ©e on the French overseas island of Martinique erupts, wiping out the city of Saint-Pierre, killing 30,000 and leaving only two survivors
1941 – German Q-ship Pinguin sinks in Indian Ocean
1942 – Aircraft carrier USS Lexington sunk by Japanese air attack in Coral Sea
1945 – German General Wilhelm Keitel formally surrenders to the Allies represented by the United States, the UK, France and the Soviet Union in Berlin
1961 – Alan Shepard receives NASA Distinguished Service Medal, Washington
1994 – Erling Kagge becomes the first person to complete the Three Poles Challenge.
1999 – Nancy Mace becomes the first female cadet to graduate from The Citadel military college.

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